Is Kitchen Interior Design The Most Trending Thing Now? – Kitchen Trends 2020

Are you planning to redesign your Kitchen? The Kitchen is the central hub to keep the house running. A kitchen renovation takes a lot of time, effort, and financial resources, so are realistic. Still, All Interior Solutions, best interior designers in Delhi NCR, understand your needs, and support your dream to make it real.

Embark the interior design trends which will enrich your place, and at least you can rest assured that if you follow anything on this list, you’re total with the pattern.

  1. Fancy Floor

It is the most trending thing, to get a pattern specially design to floor. All Interior Solutions brings out tons of designs to look at your levels with suitable colors and texture. All Interior Solutions expert recommends going with bold and solid colors along with a modern patterned floor or a vintage floor.

  1. Paint walls with Blues

Design kitchen with a fresh electric blue and sky-blue color, a perfect combination to give a beachy coastal look. The use of wallpapers and new green live plants will enhance the beauty of a modular kitchen. With the best interior designer in Delhi getting a match with your furniture and cutlery, it will give a complete look.

  1. Finest Cabinets and Storages

A perfect blend and to convey premium and elite look, the use of blue with grey with metallic touch is an incredible thing. To use different reminder grey because it a color between white, off-white with a mixture of blue. The general look gives soothing and funky effects.

  1. Special Attention to Black and Blue

Love for black is usually an open-ended choice to go along with. All Interior Solutions, best interior designers in Delhi NCR, suggest employing a combination of blue and black, blue paint and black tiles and cabinets, with an open shelf of white or glass cutlery. Accompany a matte finish, or shiny and sleek, this mix is that the most stylish and hot trending for the Kitchen. Accessorized it with crystal hanging lamps and over the highest decorating with live plants kept during a glass vase.

  1. Kitchen Interior Layout with Home Renovation in Delhi NCR

Decide to go exotic with blend with the patterned floor with reminder blue to present it a Caribbean look. Even for Peninsula Layout and highlighting refrigerator panel, the employment of wallpaper and different reminder blue with green and white will provides a spacious look to the Kitchen.

  1. Show off Glass Cutlery

All Interior Solutions gives exceptional attention to open glass shelves in the kitchen area or dining area. It can be on top of the cabinets or at the bottom of storage. An open tray with glass cutlery, brass, or copper cutlery is that the highlights of the Kitchen. These shelves can be added with led warm lights inside or outside cabinets or throwing lights from spotlights inside open shelves to embossed each section of cutlery.

  1. Stripes Paint is Trend

Paint the Kitchen with stripes or different colors. It can be one color with different shades or 2 -3 colors of the same shade level. All Interior Solutions, interior decor Delhi, recommend painting a combination of lighter shades and darker shades. The use of textures or wallpapers will significantly create a positive impact.

  1. Copper and Cobalt – Vintage look

Copper and Cobalt are back to the trend with a home appliance, kitchenware, and kitchen cutlery. All Interior Solutions ensures to go beyond the expectation and bring liveliness to the place. Bistro stools, antique mirrors, Venetian red lamps, copper, or Cobalt handles of the drawers and cabinets are amazingly trending.

  1. Incorporate Multi-function Furniture

All Interior Solutions, Best Interior Designer in Delhi NCR, enforce to come out of monochromatic and bring a transform storage furniture. Contact the best interior designer in Noida for fantastic interior design services with On-time delivery now!