Making Your Own Indoor Water Garden & Aquascape For Your Home Decor

An indoor water yard something extremely unique and something really beautiful which will lighten up your mood every single morning if falls into your sight when you wake up building such a water yard involves 4 essential steps don’t worry they’re easy, but they’re you will need suitable pots and vases classes the suitable gravel the plants and the care these are the four basics of any water garden now I bought my pots at my local plant shop we have a lovely small plant shop here in our old town, and they sell these small beautiful classic Terra cot ta pots but beware of the fact that the diameter of some vases is small and that it could be that you face the problem that the Terra cot ta pots won’t fit in your vases so always have the measurements in your mind or on a piece of paper I’d might be easier I got my vases from a local home design shop in my city and from IKEA although the plants might look small underwater they do turn out to be larger than you think so make sure to chose vases with the height of 25 centimeters as all plants have to be covered fully in water for your gravel I recommend getting yours from Amazon as it’s a lot cheaper than in your local plant shop For an indoor water garden you want to choose medium to fine gravel

What is crucial is that you wash out your gravel before you use it very thoroughly now when it comes to the choice of water plants you want to know that there are emerged and submerged plants emerged plants like to have their roots covered in water while their leaves can only function above the water surface most plants for instance in the pond or in your garden immerse plants submerged many plants need to become fully water from root to leave otherwise they will dry out and die and you don’t want this it’s so important that you ensure that the vast fit’s length of your plant now when I searched for water plants

I first went through just my normal plant store but nothing then a really kind man gave me the advice to go to a zoo shop, so I took my phone googled took my bike raced saw the shop and entered, and I was gifted with a huge and beautiful variety of underwater plants from a price of view they range from everywhere from 4-9 euros usually after you bought them you’ve got up to two days to plant them in gravel but I do recommend doing this straight away on the same day now as you all set I show you how I build my water garden so that the basics and can build your own individual one at home first place your vases on your board then you want to start pouring the gravel into the vase so that you have a basement layer if you are using pots you still want a thin basement layer but class course most of the gravel goes in the pot carefully place the pot in the vase and if you’re not using a pot then gently place your plants in the gravel believe me these water plants are fragile little divas once your plan is in the vase you take yourself a watering can and softly pour the water until the very top make sure every plant is covered in water and repeat the process for the next plant except emerged plants now this plant does not need any soil the only thing it needs is water to lie on — fairly straight forward now you 100% hundred percent want to make sure to place your plant in front of a south-facing window water plants need as much sunlight as possible in the shop you will realize that they do get artificial light 24/7 so beware of choosing a really good place for them where they get enough sunlight sometimes when it’s really shiny outside I even place mine in the garden for a few hours to give them this extra portion of light or when you have a balcony for instance is also a nice option to give them their sunlight now look at that please just do tell me that this looks absolutely unique and beautiful to maintain this beauty please get yourself a fertilizer in the shop I was looking on the internet for natural fertilizer but couldn’t really find a convenient and suitable solution or method one guy recommended eggshells but as I don’t eat eggs this is nothing really so if you have a nice and easy convenient way to fertilize and water plants then please know in the comments and I will try it for my plants I just like this small cup I use a cup mix it with five liters of water and then I’m fine further

I do change the water twice a week and even wash out the stones every 10 days to be honest I don’t really know if it really helps but I think caring more is better than caring less especially with water plants now with this all said you should be totally set and totally ready for your own personal water garden please let me know if you have recreated this or if you’ve got one if you’ve heard of water gardens before and subscribing to my channel would be really appreciated stay healthy with Luke