Homelegance Platina 103″ Sectional Sofa

The price could have changed when you can check the current price and discount by clicking the link in the description below now let’s check some customer reviews review by Sam else this is a great comfortable firm sofa however for this price it should come with better legs the only reason I give this sofa four stars is because of the cheap looking plastic legs in the accurate color description I thought the color will be a bit darker since it says chocolate brown but truly it has more of a taupe color the pullout part comes out easy and the storage ottoman is very useful overall it was a great buy but seeing that the prices keep going up not sure I would buy it for 1 300 review by Pete feet the pull-out portion of the couch works really well and turns the couch into a giant ottoman three people can easily lie down and relax and watch a movie the folding headrests made it easy to get a larger couch through a 29 inches doorway with the door removed there are four silver plastic corners pieces one of which broke off in shipping I replaced it with a two inches bun from home depot and it looks great

I’m going to replace all corner pieces with the wooden buns I would say the corner pieces are my greatest dislike the cushions are nice and thick you can’t feel any bad bars in them the storage ottoman has a great mechanism in it that works really well the fabric wasn’t scratched at all as I forced it through the door that leads me to believe it should hold up really well so far the fabric doesn’t make me sweat but it is zero degrees outside it’s a great couch mine was 850 for cosmetic damage it might have been the plastic leg but no other damage is seen in the cheaper price definitely makes the couch worth the money to me first couch for me and great purchase review by nomad why I tell you what this couch is hands down the most couches couch I’ve ever couched fits perfectly in my living room the pullout section makes sleepovers with a girlfriend extra special 10 out of 10 would love on it again review by Saul I debated on ordering a couch online but I wanted the sleeper set up this couch has then when I decided to go ahead and order it was out of stock I’m so glad I waited for it to come back in stock I love it and multiple friends have asked where I got it the couch is just the right size the sleeper is easy to pull out and put away and it’s so comfortable even setup was quick I would recommend this product and give it a five plus review by Shawna face it’s stiff but comfy I believe this is the type of couch that will relax over time, but we honestly don’t mind it being stiff the back adjusts so you have a high back or low it’s a nice color to the slide out is easy and smooth this couch is beyond worth the money review by Michael so the couch is a bit smaller than anticipated the legs are cheap plastic and it’s super firm I feel like the price doesn’t match the quality it’s worth maybe 600 but it’s big enough for maybe five people who are not plus size

if your plus size it will be very thin and not provide an adequate seat I’m pretty disappointed in the quality i really expected better for such a high price tag I’m hoping over time it softens this is not a couch made for laying down and watching to i really can’t honestly recommend it the other reviews are quite deceiving the delivery was okay they wouldn’t give me a time frame except 7am to 7pm and it changed four times so be ready for your entire day to be taken up they sent one female to unload the entire couch so thankfully my husband and cousin were hereby chance all in all it sucks TBA review by Julie I received this sofa today it’s amazing very comfortable and beautiful the pull out section is great highly recommend to everyone

who is searching for a great quality sofa with good price review by maria cushion great sofa love it great quality for a price 998 dollars and 33 cents and free shipping well there was tax about 78 still cheaper and better for money than local or other offers I saw online quality is actually good love how easy opens into a sleeper very easy for a price it’s great local store have simpler sofas for same price then plus tax then plus 199 delivery we saved a lot of money thank you